Thorwback system

You make 1 Point from every 1 $ you spend.
1 Point is worth 0.15 $ and as many Points as you’d like can be converted at checkout.

Badge dollar regular 1

15 Discount

-throwback to returning customers!

Note: You can use Points to cover up to 90% of product cost and it must be used within 1 year.

Explained in details

You get a 15% throwback in “Points” you can use on any product or service with us up to 90% of the cost. You will have to use the Points collected within a year and there is no limit on how much of the throwback you can use except that you must pay for the remining 10%. This does not mean you lose any Points collected. You’ll simply have to use the remaining in your collection on another purchase.


You’ve collected 100 Points from 3 purchaes that cost 100 $. That translates into 15 $ net worth from the Throwback discount collected.

You would now like to make a new order for 15 $ and are eligable to use -13.50 $ spending 90 Pints and will have to pay 1.50 $ for the order (Making you another 1 Point). The remaining 10 Points will be saved and can be accumulated at a later order along with the 1 Point you made from this purchase.

Happy shopping!

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