Enjoy Our Library Of  Music. Everything Is available in 432Hz, 528Hz and Standard Tuning.
At HigherMind-RoyaltyFreeMusic.com we joyously provide you with high quality royalty free music for your projects. Suited for healing, relaxation, meditation, yoga, spiritual exploration, personal growth and connection with your higher mind and creativity. Our music fits perfectly with voice overs, binaural beats, solfeggio frequencies, nature sounds and other sound effects.
Earn from our music on your youtube channel, Play our music in your business without ever having to pay performing rights  or fees of any kind. Own the rights to monetize our music and watch your product blossom with our empowering sounds. We are continuously creating new music to upload for your use here at Highermind-royaltyfreemusic.com

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Everything you need to know about royalty free music

What Is Royalty Free Music?



Royalty free music is music that you can legally use for commercial purposes. Monetize and earn from it without having to pay more than ONE time. Royalty free music costs more than normal music, because of the great value that the licenses provides. You can basically create your own online business around our music. Use the music to create products and services that earn you money, for example, speeches, hypnosis & meditation recordings, YouTube videos, spotify and other monetized streaming services.  You can also play royalty free music at your place of business. 

How to use royalty free music?



One of the most common questions we are asked is, “Can I use your royalty free meditation music to create meditation / hypnosis recordings and then sell them?” The short answer to that question is “Yes! That’s exactly what our music is for”. You can also use our music to create all sorts of other media productions which you can monetize. For example, YouTube videos, interactive apps and relaxation DVDs, Spotify, iTunes, sell on amazon, your own mp3 website to name just a few.