*When you buy music from our site you are automatically registered in our user database as an owner of a royalty free license/rights to the musical composition(s) you have purchased.


*Customers are not required to give credits to our site after purchasing a product. Free downloads must be credited with a link to the site.


*You may monetize ALL of our content on YouTube

* It is illegal to sell the product unless you own a ”commercial use license” A royalty free license alone is not sufficient for selling our products. A Commercial use license allow you to sell the product to others for personal use, but you can not resell the license itself.

You can NOT resell a license to others with neither royalty free or a commercial use license.

*Anyone downloading FREE content from highermind-royaltyfreemusic.com must credit the site in an orderly and visible manner. This only applies to FREE downloads.



Allows you to use the music in an unlimited number of project in the following ways:

*Websites & social media

*Online streaming
(YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Soundcloud etc)

*Web advertising.


*Apps and video games

*Corporate Videos
Videos and Slideshows sold to third parties for non-commercial use (e.g. wedding videos)

*Film and theater (student, film festival)

*TV & radio programming (pilots, public broadcasting)

*YOUTUBE Monetization is allowed


To Sell These tracks to individuals for personal use you need a commercial use license.

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through your unique link.



Allows you to resell the music on your website, app, i-TUNES, amazon etc. The one restriction is that you can not resell the rights and license. Your customers may only purchase from you for personal use. You can not grant other people rights or licenses to resell.

What’s special with a commercial use license is that you may re-sell the songs and earn from it. For example on i.tunes, amazon or in your audio store.

You can distribute it in all the same ways you can with a royalty free license, AND on top of that sell it to your customers for personal use. 


If you want to re-sell licenses you can do it through our site. There is a 40% commission for our affiliates. When someone buys through your link, you earn 40%. You’ll get your own link by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking affiliate program.

Contact us at highermindroyaltyfreemusic@gmail.com for any questions.

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