Because competition begins, Ichiya tells the fresh new rabbit costumed person to tell you himself, much so you’re able to everyone’s expectation

Because competition begins, Ichiya tells the fresh new rabbit costumed person to tell you himself, much so you’re able to everyone’s expectation

In contrast to the position of your very first day of feel where these were booed, the viewers today totally supporting brand new guild and you can perk into the brand new Cluster Fairy End

As time passes, the new meets ups on mark battle are increased which have Bluish Pegasus compared to Quatro Canine, Lamia Scale against Mermaid Back and you will Fairy End facing Sabertooth. Fairy End reorganizes its class-mates and walk out on the occupation to the race servings, into the this new members being Natsu, Grey, Gajeel, Erza and you will Laxus. Watching that it from the balcony above, Arcadios and you may Darton realize that Lucy is not into class, Arcadios declaring he’s a special arrange for stating her. Darton, however, starts which have doubts.

After Arcadios renders, Darton thinks so you can himself that when through to an occasion, the latest Huge Wonders Video game just after passed various other term. He covers in order to a great mural into wall structure depicting a great Dragon attacking an excellent Mage, ahead of discussing that video game was in fact immediately after called the Dragon Queen Festival, which had been a feast out-of Dragons, humans and demons.

With this, Pain and you may Rogue stimulate Light Push and you may Trace Push respectively, finally go on this new offensive, the two handling so you can residential property several evident punches and you can relatively acquiring the upper give before Natsu and you can Gajeel once again beginning to step in and you will push them right back

The first level competition starts with Team Bluish Pegasus’s Ichiya and the mystical rabbit-costumed people facing Group Quatro Puppy’s Bacchus and you can Rocker. If mask will come from, it’s revealed are the Meet or exceed of Extalia and you can Ichiya’s Edolas equal, Nichiya, brilliant everybody. Given that a couple Bluish Pegasus people begin reminiscing regarding their first fulfilling, Bacchus charges give, obtaining a disastrous strike on the Nichiya, and you will slamming him away. With that, the fight will get dos toward step 1, and you will, because Ichiya are kicked doing by the his competitors, he laments on how he pulled a faltering person such as for example Nichiya to your this. With this, Ichiya ‘dedicates’ an energy Perfume in order to Nichiya, bulks right up, and you can beats Quatro Canine in a single hit. That have Blue Pegasus’s winnings felt like into the first battle, the next competition is anywhere between Group Lamia Scale’s Lyon and you will Yuka and you will Class Mermaid Heel’s Kagura and you can Millianna, both groups assaulting their best, however, neither coming-out on top, the fight ending in the a draw and you may 5 items for each.

Another endeavor over kvinnor Norsk, Chapati Lola eagerly announces the final mark battle to end up being between Group Fairy Tail’s Natsu and you will Gajeel and you can Class Sabertooth’s Pain and you may Rogue Cheney. Because battle is going to start, Igneel sees, wanting to see if the youngsters you to definitely Weisslogia and you will Skiadrum elevated has very surpassed Dragons, or if perhaps it was just an empty fantasy; he statements that with the latest Dragon Queen Festival dealing with, it will in the near future getting time for them to get it done. Given that four Dragon Slayers look both down, Chapati declares the start of the 3rd and you can last Mark Competition throughout the day.

The latest Mark Race begins, with many of Fairy Tail professionals support their Dragon Slayers, when you find yourself Jiemma is positive about Sabertooth’s individual victory. Yet not whenever gong bands, Pain and Rogue are face-to-face with Natsu and you may Gajeel correspondingly, the two Sabertooth Mages apparently providing a bona fide overcoming about first few moments of the meets. Frosch, Lector, Chapati Lola plus the listeners try stunned observe Sabertooth’s Dragon Slayers being pushed to therefore with ease. Whenever Natsu inquiries if they really been able to defeat its Dragon moms and dads using this quantity of power, Pain states that they did and this they will now suggest to them the benefit to help you beat Dragons. Because Chapati together with audience watch that have broadening amaze and you may frustration due to the fact Rogue and you can Sting is again getting to be overpowered, Chapati requires Yajima what the guy believes is happening, that the latest ex-Secret Council affiliate claims the Twin Dragons are just outmatched. Just like the Sabertooth Dragon Slayers struggle to awaken, then they amaze their competitors (together with Jellal in addition to Fairy Tail Guild Professionals) of the triggering Dragon Force by themselves.


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